The project involves among other things topics as the development of hearing and speech, the perception of music as well as neuronal basics of the sensuous perception of art. The stated fields will be analyzed through measuring systems of behavioural psychology, electrophysiology and imaging. As leading international laboratories in the fields of hearing-related cognitive and neuropsychology as well as music psycholgy are taking part in this consortium, a unique chance is offered to those taking part in the exchange to work closely with experts from those topically related research areas.

The acquainted findings can be transferred to precise guidances and practices in many different fields, as for example in health care, communication technology or the development of audio systems, but also within the scope of music industry right up to computer games.

25 further partners from Europe, Canada and the USA joined forces for the network. The project funds the mobility of doctoral and
post-doctoral students as well as scientific staff members. ACN is coordinated by  Rudolf Rübsamen at the Faculty of Biocsciences, Pharmacy, and Psychology at the Leipzig University and Marc Schönwiesner at the International Laboratory for Brain Music and Sound Research (BRAMS) at the Université de Montréal.

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