... to graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and staff for exchanges between our partner institutions in Europe and North America. In addition, we organize student workshops and colloquia in relevant research topics. The main goal is to support the international mobility and the post-graduate qualification possibilities.

Our project is being funded by the European Union for the second time in succession. 2010-2014 - first funding period in the amount of one million Euros and the second funding period 2013 - 2017 in the amount of 1.5 million Euros. The project involves 12 partner institutions and 14 associate partners. Funded transatlantic exchanges last for 6-10 months for students and 1-3 months for staff. Applicants with European citizenship may apply for exchanges with North America and applicants with American or Canadian citizenship may apply for exchanges with European institutions.

The amount of the scholarship is 1500 EUR (for grad students) and 1800 EUR (for postdocs) per month spent at the host lab. Please note that the minimum period of exchange is approximately 6 months (more specifically 5 months and 17 full days).

Furthermore, you will receive a lump sum for traveling expenses. The amount depends on the distance between home and host institution.

Distance (km)

Fixed-Amount rate(EUR)

2 500 – 5 000

1 500

5 000 – 10 000

2 000


Below you find a few term definitions, which can also be looked up in the EU program guide
via the following link []

Full Partners

1. Be a higher education institution. On our website there is a list of “full partner”. An exchange between these scientists is possible without any further considerations. 


Associated members

In specific cases the associate partner can be a hosting institution, for example if a placement period is foreseen as part of the study period.

Furthermorewe are able to apply agreements between Partners and Associates. These agreements between full partners and associates are supposed to effect a transfer of supervising responsibilities from Partner to Associate. The reasons for this agreement could be to take advantage of the facility/learning technique in the associate members of the partnership. In addition, as part of this agreement, the full partner will have to confirm that the student will register at the full partner and the partner will fully supervise the student during the time he is staying with an associate.