Marion Cousineu (ACN Fellowship Awardee)
I completed my PhD in Paris with Prof. Daniel Pressnitzer. Since January I have been in Montréal and, thanks to the ACN Exchange Network, I will leave for Minnesota in May. I though the coming together of all the fellow ACN participants in Leipzig was great, as I could come in contact with people from different fields.

Damon Mc Carthney (Researcher in a member lab)
I am a PhD student in Nottingham. It’s not my first time in Germany, but it’s my first time in Leipzig. The weather was so wonderful that, before the meeting, we rented bikes and went for a ride along the river, in the green surroundings. The meeting and the Bach Museum are great, and I particularly enjoy the old building as the chosen location.

Johanna Rimmele (ACN Fellowship Awardee)
I applied in middle of December 2010 and I am now a fellow student in the program, at the graduate school “Function of Attention in Cognition” in Leipzig. Almost all the presentations at the meeting was relevant for my research interests. I thought the talk by Katrin Krumbholz “What is the functional  benefit of adaptation in sensory processing?“ was particularly interesting, as well as the presentation about the financial aspects of the research. Even if I knew something about it works in Germany, it was very interesting to compare the different systems of research support in the other countries, especially getting information on countries I did not know anything about, e.g. Finland.



Michael Hove (Postdoc and researcher in a member lab)
I’m American and I’ve working for about a year at the lab directed by Peter Keller at the Max Planck Institute for Cognition and Neurosciences, in Leipzig. Peter brought the ACN meeting and the network to my attention, and I’m now considering to apply for an exchange to Montréal for next year.

Nicolas Robataille (ACN Fellowship Awardee)
Excellent talks! At the meeting, I met people that until now I only knew from reading their papers. I spent some time talking with Prof. Schröger, and I think I see myself working at his lab for a while. At the moment, I work for Isabelle Peretz in the Department of Psychology at the University of Montréal, and I’m going to leave for the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris for an ACN exchange soon.