Scientists from New York University:
David Poeppel



Scientists from the Georgetown University, Medical Center, Washington DC:
Josef Rauschecker
Kristen Guernier


Scientists from the Boston University:
Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Scientists from the University of Maryland, College Park:
Shiab Shamma
Jonathan Fritz

"NSL - Neural Systems Lab - University of Maryland - Auditory behavioral neurophysiology, cognition and computation "

"The NSL studies functional processing and cognition in the auditory cortex,with the goals of developing a deeper understanding of auditory perception, learning, and memory. To tackle problems such as neural basis of scene segregation and streaming, the neurobiology of the auditory attention network, the encoding of auditory memory, the transformation from spectrotemporal representations to behavioral meaning, we use multiple disciplines and techniques ranging from psychoacoustics in humans and animals, EEG in humans, neurophysiological studies in behaving animals (ferrets and mice), neuroanatomy, optogenetics and computational analysis and modeling approaches. Erasmus Mundi students are invited to join us in these investigations."

Scientists from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medial Center, Cincinnati:
Dave Moore