1) Check whether you need a visa for your transatlantic stay. Obtaining a valid visa is your responsibility and we cannot assist you with this process. However, in case you should need some support when acquiring a visa, we will be able to provide a “Certificate of ACN Mobility Fellowship” that states the purpose of stay abroad and the monthly amount that you will be receiving.  

See "Visa Information" (LINK)

2) Make sure you have proper health insurance coverage for the time you will spend abroad. The ACN network can cover additional health insurance up to 75 EUR per month (see above).

3) The amount of the scholarship is 1500 EUR (for grad students) and 1800 EUR (for postdocs) per month spent at the host lab. Please note that the minimum period of exchange is approximately 6 months (more specifically 5 months and 17 full days).

Furthermore, you will receive a lump sum for traveling expenses. The amount depends on the distance between home and host institution.

Distance (km)

Fixed-Amount rate(EUR)

2 500 – 5 000

1 500

5 000 – 10 000

2 000

The lump sum for traveling expenses will be applied for flight tickets for the direct/linear distance ("as the crow flies", for information refer to:

The scholarship will be disbursed monthly for the entire duration of your exchange. The amount for the last month will be transferred after the coordinator has received the original boarding passes for your flights as well as a summary report of the research accomplished during the exchange with regard to the initial proposal. You can apply for an advance payment of 800 EUR for the last month.

4) As soon as you have made flight reservations, let us know the exact dates of your trips, so we can calculate the scholarship amounts and make the transfers in time. Please announce these dates at least 4 weeks in advance. Remember that we will require the original boarding passes of your flights (in and outward flights). In case of any changes in your traveling plans or in your stay abroad, you have to inform us at least 4 weeks in advance.

5) Along with the original boarding passes of both in and outward flights we also need to see insurance invoices from each scholar. A scan of the invoices will serve the purpose.

6) In order to receive the scholarship payments, please provide us with your bank account data: name of the account holder, account number, name and address of the bank, IBAN (only for EU countries) and BIC/SWIFT code. Please make sure to include the address that you provided the bank with (regardless of your current address, e.g. if you are in another country at the moment). Please fill the data in the attached form (Bank Data).