Cell Techniques and Applied Stem Cell Biology  

Sabine Ebert

Dipl.- Biol. Sabine Ebert


Address: Deutscher Platz 5, Room 1.207.1, 04103 Leipzig
Phone: 0341 97- 31 361
Fax: 0341 97- 31 359
E-Mail: sabine.ebert@bbz.uni-leipzig.de

Current activities

Assistant technician

Member of “Skin group"

Research projects

A MultiCenterStudy on Regenerative Effects of low-dose Erythropoietin (LDE) in Burn and Scald Injuries


National University of Kišinev (Chişinău), Republic Moldova (once Soviet Union), State Examination Biology, 1983


J. Shirazi R, Bader A, Ebert S, Schmidt C, Sedaghati B, Schulz-Siegmund M, Zscharnack M. Isolation and Characterization of CD271+ Stem Cells Derived from Sheep Dermal Skin. Cells Tissues Organs. 13 May, 2015 [Epub ahead of print]

Giri P, Ebert S, Braumann DU, Kremer M, Giri S, Machens HG, Bader A. Skin Regeneration of Deep Second-degree Scalding Injuries either by Infusion Pumping of rHuEPO or Topical Application of rHuEPO Gel. Drug Design, Development and Therapy. 2015: 9, 2565-2579

Bader A, Ebert S, Giri S, Kremer M, Liu S, Nerlich A, Guenter C, Smith D, Machens H-G. Skin regeneration with conical and hair follicle structure of deep second degree scalding injuries via combined expression of EPO receptor and beta common receptor by local subcutaneous injection of nanosized rhEPO. Int J Nanomedicine. 2012;7:1227-37. Epub 2012 Mar 6

Bader A
, Lorenz K, Richter A, Scheffler K, Kern L, Ebert S, Giri S, Behrens M, Dornseifer U, Macciarini P, Machens HG. Role of trauma cytokines and erythropoietin and its therapeutic potential for acute and chronic wounds. Rejuvenation Research, 2011 Feb;14(1):57-66.

Rupf T, Ebert S, Lorenz K, Salvetter J, Bader A. Cryopreservation of organotypical cultures based on 3D scaffolds Comparison of cryopreservation methods of skin substitutes composed of polymere matrices. Cryo Letters. 2010 Mar-Apr;31(2):157-68


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