Cell Techniques and Applied Stem Cell Biology  

Shibashish Giri


Dr. rer. nat. Shibashish Giri


Address: Deutscher Platz 5, Room 1.202
04103 Leipzig
Phone: 0341 97- 31 353
Fax: 0341 97- 31 359
E-Mail: shibashish.giri@bbz.uni-leipzig.de

Current activity

Creating human induced pluripotent stem cells using chemical compounds, minicircle DNA, Sendai virus, Disease modelling

Bioartificial liver support, hepatic differentiation, drug metabolism, hepatotoxicity assessments. Scar less healing mechanism, Generation of insulin producing cells, Cardiac differentiation. 2D and 3D image analysis.



1995 -1998

B.Sc (Zoology Hons), Botany, Chemistry. Best Graduate Award for Rairangpur, College (Autonomous), Utkal University, India

1999 - 2001


M.Sc in Zoology with specialization in Cytogenetics from North Orissa University, India

2002 - 2003

M. Phil in Zoology form University of Delhi, India


PhD thesis with the topic "Bioreactor development for hepatocyte culture model, stem cell expansion and efficient hepatic differentiation using self assembling peptides"

Research Experiences and Professional Memberships

since 2008 

Member of the Biomedical-Biotechnological Center, Professorship of Cell Technology and Applied Stem Cell Biology, Medical Faculty, Universität  Leipzig

Dec. 2004 - Oct. 2007 

Researcher in Applied Microbiology Lab, Center for Rural Development and Technology, IIT, Delhi, India

May 2004 - May 2006

Part Time as a Team leader (India) for Tico Tours™ a U.S. based birding tour company.

May 2004 -June 2004

Short Term training Programme in “Genetics and Molecular techniques in Fisheries” from Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai

Nov 2002 - May 2004

Senior research fellow (SRF) on ICAR research project titled “Molecular mechanisms of egg hardening and egg organization in fish” from Department of Zoology, University of Delhi, Delhi. India


Senior Research fellowship (ICAR, Govt of India) in University of Delh


Certificate of appreciation for assistance CPDHE sponsored Refresher course on current trends in Physiology from Department of zoology, University of Delhi


Best graduate student award in  in Rairangpur College (Autonomous), Rairangpur, Orissa, India)



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