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Bachelor of Science Chemistry

Bachelor Thesis

We offer individual topics according to the students' interests and the number of projects is not limited yet. In general, theses are assigned for all research areas. The applied methologies and technologies) do depend on both the research project and the student's previous training.

If interested, please contact Prof. Hoffmann in time:

The offered topics are part of on-going research projects. The time constrains of the thesis are specified in the study documents (currently two weeks full-time, ca. 80 h), while the working hours can be coordinated with the supervisor. The projects are offered before (February/March) and after (July/August/September) the lecture period of the 6th semester.

After completion of the experimental work, the results have to be summarized in written form. The thesis should be divided in Summary, Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion, Outlook and References and comprise approximately 25 to 40 pages (Times New Roman, font size 12 oder Arial, font size 11; 1,5-fold line spacing). The project hast to be defended after a short oral presentation. The final grade is calculated from all experimental work, written thesis and oral presentation (60%, 25% and 15%).

In the recent years several theses were part of our publications, listing the students as co-authors.
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