Professorenkatalog der Universität Leipzig - Die Professoren-Datenbank für Leipzig
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Prof. Dr. phil. Theodor Litt Prof. Dr. jur. Erwin Jacobi Prof. Dr. phil. Klara Elisabeth Karg-Gasterstädt Prof. Dr. rer. pol. et phil. Wilhelm Stieda Prof. Dr. Adolf Strümpell
Professorenkatalog der Universität Leipzig | catalogus professorum lipsiensium

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Project Management / History Department

Universität Leipzig, Lehrstuhl für Neuere und Neueste Geschichte Arbeitsgruppe Professorenkatalog Leipzig Prof. Dr. Ulrich von Hehl / Ulf Morgenstern M.A. Beethovenstr.15, 04107 Leipzig Contact:

Project Management / Institute for Computer Science

Universität Leipzig, Abteilung Betriebliche Informationssysteme Arbeitsgruppe Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Thomas Riechert, Dipl.-Inf. Johannisgasse 26, 04109 Leipzig, Contact:

Current Personnel

Christian Augustin M.A. (research, data entry); Kristin Bauer (research, data entry); Christian Rau (research, data entry); Regina Steiner (research, data entry); Friederike Bulka (database modelling, website, design); Christoph Rieß (Ontowiki, website, query language); Dr. Lore Schöberlein (research); Dr. Hans-Dieter Daniel (research); Ursel Ilgner (research); Gerlinde Germer (research); Dr. med. Wolfgang Höpffner (research)

Former Personnel

Beatrix Kuchta M.A. (project management / History Department); Dr. Dieter Sosna (database modelling); Lydia Steiner (database modelling); Sebastian Blume (website); Florian Metzner (website); Huong Giang Nguyen (website); Fabian Winkler (website); Johannes Zhorel (website); Andreas Zickur (website); Julia Cholet (database modelling / website draft)

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Mistakes and Additions

We appreciate your comments on mistakes or additions concerning the database. Please use the following link to send us an email. Note that we can only incorporate information from verifiable sources.

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