Highlights of PLD workgroup 1993 - 2004

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Large-area double-sided YBa2Cu3O7-x thin films on R-plane sapphire wafers (size 71 x 75 mm²) from PLD S-chamber, suitable for microwave applications.    
The reproducible PLD YBCO process is space qualified by Robert BOSCH GmbH Stuttgart (Tesat Spacecom Backnang).
Homogeneous, side-selective  scan of critical current density of large-area PLD YBCO thin films measured by inductive method
jc-scan Leipzig.
jc S499
8-inch diam. PLD heater for simultaneous processing of three 3-inch diam. wafers (supported by SMWK Dresden).
The substrate heater principle for optically transparent sapphire wafers
is patent pending by R. BOSCH GmbH Stuttgart
(Hochmuth, Lorenz, Natusch, No. 102 55 453.7 of  28.11.2002).
8-inch PLD
3-channel input multiplexer demonstrator by BOSCH, Stuttgart, using planar HTSC YBCO passband channel filters, developed for the BOSCH space experiment in 2000.
BOSCH multiplexer
Nominally undoped 2-inch diam. ZnO thin films on sapphire deposited in PLD E-chamber show laterally homogeneous high structural quality.
2-inch ZnO
Undoped ZnO thin films with state of the art electron mobility at 300 K,
deposited in M-chamber by our guest scientist Evgeni Kaidashev, Russia.
Doped ZnO thin films with high luminescence yield around 3.3 eV
at 300 K. The material and process will be patent pending.

ZnO-MgO (x 9.5) Bragg resonator mirrors on sapphire deposited in PLD E-chamber.
Visible is the reflection of a lamp used for illumination.
ZnO nanocrystals on sapphire grown by novel high-pressure PLD process in Q-chamber.
Our friend Masa from Japan, who spent one nice year in our group, together with Dieter, who constructed and built  all home-made equipment of PLD workgroup.
From left: Holger, Evgeni together with his wife Olga, Mrs. Ramm, Michael, and Dieter celebrating Dieters birthday in our favorite Chinese restaurant. chinarest.

Michael Lorenz, 08 March 2004