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The European Network in Universal and Global History seeks to foster and promote research and teaching through the establishment of platforms of communication and exchange for scholars working in the field of world and global history all over Europe. The main instruments to achieve these aims are:


  • to regularly organise a European Congress on themes of World and Global History.
  • to publish with its periodicals 'Comparativ' and 'Connections' and through other forms ongoing efforts in the research of global linkages in a historical perspective.
  • to offer administrative help for bi- and multilateral cooperation in the fields of Masters and PhD programmes as well as facilitating interaction between research centres across Europe and beyond


ENIUGH welcomes all who are engaged in transcending national history and invites for active membership as well as for contribution to its publications and events.

Next Eniugh Congress

The Fifth ENIUGH congress will take place from 30 August to 3 September 2017 at both Corvinus and Central European University in Budapest.

Its topic is "Ruptures, Empires and Revolutions"

For the programme structure see the congress' website www.eniugh.org/congress

Walter-Markov-Price 2017

ENIUGH and the Institut für Kultur- und Universalgeschichte Leipzig (which was founded in 1909 by Karl Lamprecht as part of the University of Leipzig and is now an independent research unit working in the field of global history) are holding the biennial competition for MA- or PhD-theses from the social sciences and humanities, with a clear historical perspective

A prize of € 1.500 will be awarded for one Master or doctoral thesis. The author is expected to cover publications costs.

Any paper submitted is expected to deal with a historical topic exploring a global perspective, either by addressing it from a comparative point of view, by examining processes of cultural transfers, or by seeking to understand the entanglements of various spatial frameworks.

The selection of prize-winning manuscript is in the hands of a committee with three members from ENIUGH’s Steering Committee, the director of the Institut für Kultur- und Universalgeschichte and one member from ENIUGH’s headquarters


The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2017.

All manuscripts must be word-processed or typed, double-spaced and sent by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

General Assembly of ENIUGH 2017

During the 5th European Congress of World and Global History, the General Assembly of ENIUGH will take place in Budapest on August, 31, 2017. All members will get the invitation sufficiently ahead of time together with agenda and the documents inviting for the election of the new steering committee.

This will be also the occasion for awarding the Walter-Markov-Prize 2017.