30 | 07 | 2015

On July 2, 2008 a meeting was held in Dresden of representatives from American, Asian and European organizations in world and global history as well as of academics from Africa and Latin America. It continued efforts to establish an international network representing the worldwide interest in world and global history and an agreement was reached to found the Network of Global and World History Organizations (NOGWHISTO) in order to apply for membership with the Comité International des Sciences Historiques.

The name of the organization indicates

  1. that there is no hierarchy intended among the member organizations: NETWORK
  2. that alternative approaches are welcome and that there is no precondition to agree with any given conceptualization of historical aspects of globalization: GLOBAL AND WORLD HISTORY
  3. that while the network focuses on historical explanations and narratives it is not an organization for historians only but will accept also members from other disciplines who accept historicization as a basic feature in their approaches
  4. that (in order to guarantee a lean management of membership) there is no individual membership, but a chance for relatively small groups of academics to become members: ORGANIZATIONS

Currently the following organizations are members of the network:

A first conference and general assembly of NOGWHISTO is planned at the time of the upcoming congress of CISH in August 2010 in Amsterdam.


The new website of the Network of Global and World History Organisations has been published in the very end of 2008. Please remark that all contents are in an initial state. New and more contents will follow soon.

Feel free to get in contact.