About the Research Project

About the Research Project

Ritual Design for the Ballet Stage

Constructions of Popular Culture in European Theatrical Dance (1650–1760)

The project takes a multi-perspectival approach in examining European theatrical dance between 1650 and 1760 – from Pierre Beauchamp becoming dance teacher to Louis XIV to the appearance of Jean Georges Noverre’s great reform writings.

In the stage works of the time, processes of social negotiation were taken as themes and aestheticised in all kinds of different ways. The ritual content of these portrayals, in the sense of a prescribed, symbolic, and formalised plot with transformative power and effect, forms the fundamental problem at the heart of the project.

With the help of case studies on ballets from Paris, London, Milan, and Stuttgart, the construction of rituals and popular culture in theatrical dance is investigated, in order to discover the overlapping, interdependence, cooperation and conflict in theatrical dance and in the relevant literature.

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Dr. Hanna Walsdorf

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