Subproject 2 – Choreographical Structures

Subproject 2

Choreographical Structures

Kathrin Stocker, M.A.

In this subproject the choreographical elements of ballet productions in Paris, London, Milan, and Stuttgart between 1650 and 1760 are examined and categorized with regard to their use and significance. Applying certain lines of enquiry, an attempt will be made to reveal how the use of popular dance and dancers appeared as seen by an aristocratic audience, and which aims were pursued as a result of this.

How do ideas, popular movements and rulers come together in a choreography? How did people imagine (popular) dance, and what do the productions show about how dance and people were regarded? What other background issues have to be considered which may have influenced the views of audiences then, as now? What role does the physical and emotional movement of the body in dance and choreography play in the light of its origin, and what social meaning does it convey?

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