Subproject 3 – Compositional Strategies

Subproject 3

Compositional Strategies

Jelena Rothermel, M.A.

The interest of this subproject will be primarily in a combination of historical musicology and music ethnology. It will be concerned with demonstrating traces or constructions of popular music in ballet music between 1650 and 1760. Philological analyses of ballet scores with a specific focus on dance rhythms and popular melodies (including those constructed in art music) will contribute to confirming the transfer between various musical cultures.

Therefore the focus will lie firstly on the documentation of musics imported from European traditions into European ballet music, and secondly on the sounds of distant countries (such as from colonies and mission areas); in the case of "pastoral" and "classical" dances in European ballet, the focus will be on revealing the inventiveness of earlier musical cultures and their integration into contemporary compositional and performance practice.

Similarly, iconographical and organological sources and writings will be consulted and evaluated in line with the approach being pursued here.

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