Subproject 4 – Costume Designs

Subproject 4

Costume Designs

Petra Dotlačilová, MA

Primarily structured as a research subproject into costume, in this area of research the main focus is on questions about material culture. The costume conventions of the research period in question will be covered in detail, described, and evaluated by systematically collecting and making accessible theoretical and iconographical sources on dance costumes between 1650 and 1760 (in the form of costume sketches and set designs).

This will focus in particular on the question of how social norms of clothing and theatre costumes influenced each other: by which attributes or ornaments were particular roles and narratives denoted in costumes? Which particular requirements and special features in textiles had to be observed for dance? As a comparison, in the process, examples of clothing from the fine arts outside the theatrical context, which can be regarded as realistic to a greater or lesser degree, will be consulted.

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