Precursors for Materials Science

  1. Phosphorus-rich Transition Metal Complexes as Precursors for Binary Metal Phosphides MPx
  2. Binary metal phosphides MPx often exhibit interesting optical, electronic and/ or magnetic properties. We have developed an approach to this class of compounds starting with volatile phosphorus-rich metal complexes as molecular precursors.


  3. Functionalised (chiral) Building Blocks for MOFs (metal-organic frame-works)
  4. Catalytic reactions at the metal centres in MOFs can result in destruction of the three-dimensional framework (catalysis = labile complexes with free coordination sites). Therefore, we use functionalised (chiral) bridging ligands able to build defined three-dimensional frameworks

    [Zn4O{(4,4´-(CO2)2-2,2´-(OMe)2-1,1´-C6 H3)2}3]n(IRMOF-Wit-1)

    and in addition coordinate metal complex fragments. Furthermore, the (electronic) influence of the framework's metal ions on the second metal centre is of interest.

Institute Colloquia
Graduiertenschule BuildMoNa

Graduiertenschule BuildMoNa
13th Ferrocene Colloquium, 22-24 February 2015