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 Center for Biotechnology and Biomedicine
 Institute of Bioanalytical Chemistry
  Structural analysis of biopolymers
  Prof. Dr. Norbert Sträter

Group Members

name phone: 97- e-mail: @bbz.uni-leipzig.de
Gabriele Büttner, secretary 31310 g.buettner
Mandy Geisler, M.Sc. Biochemistry 31314 mandy.geisler
Stefanie Hanke, M.Sc. Biochemistry
31312 stefanie.hanke
Antje Keim, Dipl.-Chem. 31323 antje.keim
Björn Kieslich, M.Sc. Chemistry 31312 bjoern.kieslich
Julia Kratky, M. Sc. Biochemistry 31316 julia.kratky
Susanne Moschütz, Dipl.-Biotech. 31322 susanne.moschuetz
Ulrike Obeck, M.Sc. Biochemistry
Fabian Pohl, M. Sc. Chemistry 31314 fabian.pohl
Konstantin Richter, M.Sc. Biochemistry 31316 konstantin.richter
Norbert Sträter, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. 31311 strater
Abibe Useini, Dipl.-Chem. 31312 abibe.useini
Renato Weiße, Dr. 31316 renato.weisse

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