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  Structural analysis of biopolymers
  Prof. Dr. Norbert Sträter

At the X13 beamline at DESY in 2002

M. Carl, R. Schultz-Heienbrok, N. Sträter
At beamline X13 at DESY in Hamburg: Miriam Carl, Robert Schultz-Heienbrok and Norbert Sträter (from left  to right)
M. Carl, J. Lodge, R. Schultz-Heienbrok
Miriam Carl, Jacinta Lodge, Robert Schultz-Heienbrok (f.l.t.r.)
mounting a crystal
Mounting a crystal onto the diffractometer (Robert Schultz-Heienbrok, Norbert Sträter)
Mounting II
Transferring a crystal from the cryodewar to the diffractometer (Jacinta Lodge , Norbert Sträter)
J. Lodge at computer
Evaluating the data at the workstation (Jacinta Lodge)
The crystal on the diffractometer
The crystal on the diffractometer. The crystal sits at the end of the thin metal rod which is attached to the phi axis (from right to the middle of the image). The X-ray beam comes from the left side. The cryostream (which keeps the crystal cold) is seen in the upper left part of the image. On the right side you see the beam stop (prevents that the main beam hits the detector) and part of the detector (in white).
Xray setup II
A view onto the setup from the other side: The beam comes from the right, the detector is to the left, the phi axis (around which the crystal is rotated) comes from the front side and the cryo-stream is seen at the back side.
flight through virtual worlds
Much later: The structure is determined and the "flight through virtual worlds" can begin. Norbert Sträter (with stereo glasses) and Wolfram Saenger.
Photograph (c) Spiegel magazine.