Open Positions

  •  Open subjects for Bachelor and Master works

    (a) Physics of oxides interfaces and their influence on the magnetotransport
    (b) High temperature superconductivity in pyrolytic graphite
    (c) Superconductivity in Carbon-Tugsten Micro and Nanowires
    (d) Influence of Hydrogen doping on the transport properties of ZnO thin films
    (e) Influence of Hydrogen doping on the transport of multigraphene thin films
    (f) Patterning of oxide thin films via electron lithography and chemical etching
    (g) Magnetic order via chemical treatment of multigraphene
    If you are interested in applying one of the open positions above, please contact:

    Prof.Dr.Pablo Esquinazi
    University of Leipzig
    Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences
    Felix Bloch Institute for Solid State Physics
    Linnéstraße 5
    04103 Leipzig
    +49 341 9732751

  • There is also an internship opportunities offered through IAESTE. Please contact IAESTE office in your country.