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Childcare Service for Members of the TRR67

A DFG Project that has further potential

Since the very beginning the TRR67 developed a concept for childcare that helps the scientific staff and doctoral students with children to manage their work and family obligations. The concept has exemplary features for both universities in Leipzig and Dresden and is generously financed by the DFG (German Science Foundation). A caretaker is employed by the TRR67 with experience in childcare of children of different age. She takes care of the children in the closing hours of nurseries, during external TRR retreats and colloquia, in emergency cases and in individually agreed times. Members of the TRR67 can use the service at any time.

Please contact for scheduling and questions Mrs. Birgit Kanzler (secretary of the TRR), Phone: 0341 97-18605.



A caretaker gladly takes care of your children during events of the TRR67 and the IRTG Maxtrixengineering.

The family and children's friendly services are:

  • attendance of a caretaker in external seminars and workshops
  • regular childcare during unusual working hours and during seminars and evening lectures
  • emergency programme: childcare in the appartment of the parents during sickness, sudden absence, e.g. because of delayed trains, or unforeseen problems in laboratories