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Synthesis and allocation of modified glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and artificial extracellular matrices

Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Schnabelrauch, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Scharnweber, Dr. rer. nat. Jana Becher, Dr. rer. nat. Vera Hintze, Kristina Ströbl, Maria Sauer, Aline Katzschner

The subproject Z3 acts as a service institution and assumes the routine preparation and quality control of required GAG derivatives and artificial extracellular matrices (aECM) based on collagen and synthetic GAG derivatives. Priority will be given to GAG derivatives and aECM which have been investigated during the previous research period to selectively interact with growth factors and stimulate specific cell-biological processes. Thereby materials will be provided improving the ingrowth of implant and cell-based scaffolds into the surrounding tissue.

Main objectives:

1. Chemical synthesis of GAG derivatives, especially for the subprojects A1, A3 – A7, B1 – B5 and B10

  • Controlled degradation of GAG to low-molecular weight compounds
  • Gradually and regioselectively sulfated GAG derivatives (e. g. with introduced carboxyl or amino groups as well as adhering groups for implant coating)
  • Biotin- and fluorescence-labelled GAG derivatives

2. Preparation of aECM, especially for the subprojects A1, B1 – B3, B4, B5

  • Variation of the starting composition of the aECM
  • Characterization of prepared aECM with regard to incorporation into the matrix and release behaviour of single components under physiological conditions
  • Immobilization of aECM on different substrate materials


 Figure 1: AFM picture of an artificial, extracellular matrix    
 (aECM) composed of collagen type I and chondroitin sulfate 
  Figure 2: Coating of cell culture dish with aECMs of collagen 
 type I (red) and differently sulfated derivatives of
 hyaluronan (blue) after staining with specific dyes.


Project-related Publications:

see also subprojekt A2 and A3