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1. Internationales Symposium des Transregio 67
Frontiers in Biomaterial Science
1. - 2. September 2011 in Dresden

01. September 2011 
Session INew biomaterials in bone regeneration & wound healing Chair:
Michaela Schulz-Siegmund
Petra Schwille
 Biomaterials strategies to target vascularization in hard and soft tissues
(James Kirkaptrick; Mainz, Germany)
 Material control of osteogenesis and angiogenesis
(Andrew Putnam; Michigan, USA)
 Innovative Materials for Adaptive Implants
(Thomas Lenarz; Hannover, Germany)
Session IIGAGs-growth factor interactions Chair:
Annette Beck-Sickinger
Hartmut Worch
 Signalling spatial modulation of EGF and integrin location along cell membranes affects cell signalling
(Joachim Spatz; Heidelberg, Germany)
 Selective and promiscuous ligand-interactions in the chemokine system
(Mette Rosenkilde; Copenhagen, Denmark)
 Matrix and Myosin in Cell fate decisions
(Florian Rehfeldt; Göttingen, Germany)
Scientific discussion

The "flow" of biomaterials

02. September 2011 
Session IIIImmune response to biomaterials Chair:
Jan C. Simon
Axel Roers
 Dynamics and function of macrophages during the wound healing response
(Sabine Eming; Köln, Germany)
 Immunomodulatory Biomaterials
(Julia Babensee; Atlanta, USA)
 Macrophage Plasticity: The Many Faces of Macrophage Activation
(Samuel Joseph Leibovich; Newark, USA)
Session IVPreclinical and Clinical developmentsChair:
Ute Hempel
Hans Zwipp
 Gene-activated Tissue Grafts for the Regeneration of Bone and Cartilage
(Oliver Betz; München, Germany)
 Clinical Useful Matrices for Regenerative Medicine
(Glenn Prestwich; Salt lake City, USA)
 Dynamics and regulation of endothelial cell junctions - critical structures in wound healing and regeneration
(Hans-Joachim Schnittler; Münster, Germany)
Session V Highlights from the TRR 67Chair:
Daniel Huster
Stefan Rammelt
 NMR Methods for the Study of Glycosaminoglycan-Protein Interaction and the Analysis of the Extracellular Matrix in Bone Implants
(Daniel Huster; Leipzig, Germany)
 Enhancing osseointegration with addition of glycolsaminoglycans to titanium surfaces
(Matthias Schulz; Dresden, Germany)
 Comparative interaction studies of differentially sulphated hyaluronan/chondroitinsulfate derivatives with human Transforming Growth Factor-? (TGF-?)
(Vera Hintze; Dresden, Germany)
 Modulation of macrophage responses by artifi cial extracellular matrix
(Sandra Franz; Leipzig, Germany)
 OSCAR (Osteoclast-associated immunoglobulin-like receptor) – new functions revealed by quantitative proteomics
(Stefan Kalkhof; Leipzig, Germany)
Scinetific discussion "Outlook" on biomaterials 

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