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Curriculum 2011

14 – 16 February
Scientific Course: Synthesis Club
(in Leipzig)
13 – 15 April
Scientific Course: Biomaterial Design
(in Dresden)
6 - 7 May
TRR Spring Retreat
23 – 25 May
Scientific Course: Bioanalysis
(in Dresden)
1/2 September
1st International Symposium of theTRR67
(in Leipzig)
14 – 16 September
Scientific Course: Cell Methods
(in Leipzig)
25 – 28 September
Summer School in Colditz
25 NovemberTRR Autumn Retreat
14 – 16 December
Scientific Course: Materials in Medicine
(in Dresden)
19 December
Lecture on Bioethics
Prof. Schwarke
(in Dresden)

The Graduate School BuildMoNa and the Integrated Research Training Group Protein Science (SFB 610) offer scientific courses which are open to doctoral students of the IRTG Matrixengineering.

Workshops on transferable skills are offered by the Research Academy Leipzig.

The calendar of the Research Academy Leipzig provides an overview of the soft skill courses of the Research Academy and of the events of other graduate programs of the Universität Leipzig.