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Keynote Session V  Skin and bone regeneration

Clinical bone engineering using scaffolds, stem cells and miRNA

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Martijn van Griensven

Technical University of Munich

Experimentelle Unfallchirurgie
Klinik und Poliklinik für Unfallchirurgie
Klinikum rechts der Isar
Ismaninger Straße 22
81675 Muniche, Germany



Martijn van Griensven (1974) graduated 1996 summa cum laude from biochemistry and medicine in Leiden (NL). He was trained as a general surgeon and as an orthopaedic trauma surgeon in Hannover (D). He was appointed as full professor for experimental trauma surgery in 2000. In 2005, he became co-director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in Vienna (A). In September 2011, he was appointed as director for the department of Experimental Trauma Surgery at the Technical University Munich (D). His research areas are related to engineering methods for the musculoskeletal system using stem cells of different sources, biomaterials, gene therapy and mechanical loading. His most recent grants deal with engineering the enthesis (ligament-to-bone transition), oxygen measurement in scaffolds and also with miRNA usage for diagnostics and therapeutics. He has published 248 peer reviewed original papers, 20 book chapters and he has edited 4 books. His h-factor is 41. He has received several awards for his work, among others the young scientist award from the World Biomaterials Society.