Research Area A: Matrix Engineering

The Research Area A – Matrix Engineering – comprises the predominantly material science-/chemistry-oriented subprojects including associated more analytical subprojects.

The subprojects of the Research Area A are:

A1 Three-dimensional aECM-polymer hybrid matrices for in vitro and in vivo characterization of artificial ECM-compounds (aECM) (Schulz-Siegmund/Hacker)

A3 Development and characterization of artificial extracellular matrices (aECM) based on collagen and glycosaminoglycan (GAG)-derivatives (Hintze)

A4 Chemical modification of proteins for the characterization of matrix/protein interactions (Beck-Sickinger)

A6 Investigation of the interaction of mediators with matrix components and analytics of the extracellular matrix using NMR methods (Huster)

A7 Molecular modeling and simulation of glycosaminoglycan/protein interactions (Pisabarro)

A8 Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Oligohyaluronans with defined Sulfation Patterns for Binding Studies and the Generation of artificial extracellular Matrices´ (Rademann/Schiller)

A10 Glycosaminoglycan-poly (ethylene glycol) -hydrogel to improve dermal wound healing (Werner/Freudenberg)