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Sep. 2016: Second Workshop on Hierarchical Materials in Erlangen: RV with invited lecture on transport properties of hierarchical porous solids.

Sep. 2015: IUPAC has established the task group "Diffusion in nanoporous solids" involving us as the active members.


Sep. 2015Our work on diffusion in hollow core-shell nanoparticles just appeared in Langmuir.



R. Valiullin: Mesoporous materials -- Perspectives revealed by fluids confined in their pore spaces
Mo, 27.06.2016, 17:15–18:00
Universität Hamburg, Fachbereich Chemie, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6, Hörsaal C

October 21-23, 2015
R. Valiullin: NMR Cryoporometry: From fundamentals to application
Workshop: Methods of Porosimetry and Applications (HZDR Dresden-Rossendorf)


One of the most intriguing phenomena for fluids confined to mesoporous solids is the observation of hysteretic phase transitions. Their development is generally associated with the occurrence of metastable states. In materials with random pore structures, the structural disorder may give rise to very rugged landscapes in the free energy. Depending on the experimental conditions, the system can slowly scramble towards the global equilibrium state. Notably, relaxation dynamics in this regime is barely addressed. By combining different techniques of NMR, we are  able to study macroscopic dynamics accompanying very different phase transitions. In particular, we have shown that, for gas-liquid transitions in disordered mesoporous solids, relaxation dynamics in the hysteresis regime for longer times is dominated by activated barrier crossings between local free energy minima. This is found to be an intrinsically slower process than the relaxation through mass transfer by diffusion which dominates outside the hysteresis regime. Similar observations have been made for liquid-solid transitions occurring in mesoporous solids.

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