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Sep. 2016: Second Workshop on Hierarchical Materials in Erlangen: RV with invited lecture on transport properties of hierarchical porous solids.

Sep. 2015: IUPAC has established the task group "Diffusion in nanoporous solids" involving us as the active members.


Sep. 2015Our work on diffusion in hollow core-shell nanoparticles just appeared in Langmuir.



R. Valiullin: Mesoporous materials -- Perspectives revealed by fluids confined in their pore spaces
Mo, 27.06.2016, 17:15–18:00
Universität Hamburg, Fachbereich Chemie, Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6, Hörsaal C

October 21-23, 2015
R. Valiullin: NMR Cryoporometry: From fundamentals to application
Workshop: Methods of Porosimetry and Applications (HZDR Dresden-Rossendorf)


Welcome to our homepage. We are a group of physicists whose interests concern with understanding of fluid properties under spatial confinements, such as fluids confined to nanoporous solids. Under such conditions, fluids may exhibit properties deviating from those found for bulk substances. One may refer to shifts of phase transition points as to classical examples of confinement-induced phenomena. Among them, solid-liquid and gas-liquid transitions in nanoporous solids have attracted particular attention. However, some features, especially concerning microscopic (diffusion) and macroscopic (transition kinetics) dynamics accompanying these phase transformations in disordered porous materials, still remain poorly understood. In our work, we explore these phenomena by combining experiment and theoretical modeling. In particular, we use nuclear magnetic resonance as a complemental experimental tool to probe simultaneously the phase state, its evolution upon changing external parameters, and diffusive dynamics under equilibrium and quasi-equilibrium conditions. Our current research activities include:

Phase transitions under confinements. One of the most intriguing phenomena for fluids confined to mesoporous solids is the observation of hysteretic phase transitions. Their development is generally associated with the occurrence of metastable states. In materials with random pore structures, the structural disorder may give rise to very rugged landscapes in the free energy ... read more

Phase state-transport correlations. Diffusion is one of the omnipresent phenomena in nature. For fluids confined to mesoporous solids, diffusion, in addition to the complex structure of these materials, is found to be further diversified by their very rich phase behavior. By applying NMR as a non-perturbing experimental technique, we explore the correlations between the phase state and internal dynamics in mesoporous solids ... read more

Crystal growth in confined spaces. Among different experimental techniques, NMR cryoporometry provides unique options to probe solid-liquid equilibria in porous solids. In particular, by applying specially designed nuclear magnetic relaxation filters, the phase composition and its evolution upon temperature changes can directly be followed in the most direct way... read more

Constrained dynamics in soft-matter. In the same way as mesoscopic confinements give rise to a rich dynamic behavior of confined fluids, mesoscopic organization of matter and interactions developing on mesoscales may lead to similar phenomena in soft-matter systems. Examples of such situations include the occurrence of sub-diffusion in crowded environments and complex structure-dynamics relationships in liquid crystals ... read more

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