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Date Time Panel Convenor Theme
31 August 02:30–05:00 Borderlands between imperialism and nationalism James Koranyi, Petru Szedlacsek Respatializations
31 August 02:30–05:00 Frontiers of a global empire Eberhard Crailsheim, Eric Vanhaute Respatializations
1 September 04:00–06:30 Refugees vs. state sovereignty Gilad Ben-Nun Respatializations
1 September 01:30–06:30 Transnational entertainments Antje Dietze, Maren Möhring Respatializations
2 September 09:00–12:00 (Re-)Formatting spaces in the context of empires Maximilian Georg, Ute Wardenga Respatializations
2 September 01:00–03:00 Boundaries of empire Jie-Hyun Lim, Robert Kramm Respatializations
2 September 01:00–03:00 Towards a global history of music venues since the late 19th century Cornelia Escher Respatializations
2 September 03:30–05:00 Nationalism and transnationalism in Central and Eastern Europe during and after the World Wars Markéta Křížová Respatializations
2 September 03:30–05:00 Recasting imperial spaces Isabella Löhr Respatializations