Steering Committee

ENIUGH operates from its headquarters located at the Global and European Studies Institute of the University of Leipzig and through an international Steering Committee, which serves as the programme committee for the European Congresses on World and Global History and as the Scientific Board for the network’s periodical publications.

Being actively involved in research and teaching on the network’s fields themselves, the ENIUGH headquarters’ team based in Leipzig takes care of coordinating and communicating with the members, organising the congresses in cooperation with our local partners, issuing of the newsletter as well as the the network’s two periodicals.

The current members of the Steering Committee cover a wide range of specializations and institutions.

Attila Melegh as president (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Regina Grafe as vice-president (Northwestern University)

Matthias Middell as vice-president (University of Leipzig)

Further members are in alphabetical order:

  • Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Central European University, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Gareth Austin, Cambridge University (UK)
  • Carlo Marko Belfanti, Department of Social Sciences, University of Brescia (Italy)
  • Stefano Bellucci, Leiden University and International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Michel Espagne, ENS, Paris (France)
  • Zaur Gasimov, Orient-Institut Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Giovanni Gozzini, University of Siena (Italy)
  • Regina Grafe, Department of History, Northwestern University (USA)
  • Margarete Grandner, University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Yuval Harari, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Michael Harbsmeier, Roskilde University (Denmark)
  • Markéta Krížová, Charles University Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Marcel van der Linden, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Mikhail Lipkin, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
  • Barbara Lüthi, University of Cologne (Germany)
  • Attila Melegh, Corvinus University, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Matthias Middell, Global and European Studies Institute, University of Leipzig (Germany)
  • Juan Carmona Pidal, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)
  • Hagen Schulz-Forberg, University of Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Alessandro Stanziani, EHESS/ CNRS (France)
  • Eric Vanhaute, University of Gent (Belgium)
  • Holger Weiss, Åbo Akademi University (Finland)

Organizing team in Budapest:

  • Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Institute of Advanced Study / Department of History, Central European University Budapest
  • Judit Klement, Department Atelier, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest; Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Attila Melegh, Institute of Sociology and Social Policy / Karl Polanyi Centre for Global Social Studies, Corvinus University of Budapest