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    15.05.2020: Manuscript in open dicsussion in ACP: Constraining the Twomey effect from satellite observations: Issues and perspectives

    14.05.2020: Paper published in Remote Sensing: A First Case Study of CCN Concentrations from Spaceborne Lidar Observations

    06.05.2020: Torsten is presenting a poster on the tracking of clouds and their properties from geostationary observations at EGU Sharing Geoscience Online

    05.05.2020: Peter is presenting a poster on the TrackMatcher algorithm at EGU Sharing Geoscience Online

    20.01.2020: Paper published in Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (GAFD): Mean flow generation due to longitudinal librations of sidewalls of a rotating annulus

    13.12.2019: Matthias is presenting the research group at AGU in San Francisco

    12.12.2019: Torsten is presenting a poster on the experimental investigation of stratorotational instability at AGU in San Francisco

    12.12.2019: Torsten is giving a talk on the investigation of zonal mean flow excitation by inertial waves at AGU in San Francisco

    09.12.2019: Matthias is presenting a poster on the use of lidar-specific parameters for aerosol characterization from AERONET measurements at AGU in San Francisco

    14.11.2019: Paper published in Microgravity Science and Technology (MGST) - Part of the following collection: Thirty years of microgravity research - A topical collection dedicated to J. C. Legros: Effect of the initial conditions on the growth of thermoelectric instabilities during parabolic flights

    01.10.2019: Matthias presents the PACIFIC project at the MOPGA Kick-Off Meeting in Paris

    09.09.2019: Paper published in ACP: Retrieval of ice-nucleating particle concentrations from lidar observations and comparison with UAV in situ measurements

    19.08.2019: Paper published in AMT: 3+2+X: what is the most useful depolarization input for retrieving microphysical properties of non-spherical particles from lidar measurements using the spheroid model of Dubovik et al. (2006)?

    15.08.2019: PhD opportunity on SEVIRI Cloud Imaging and Tracking, Deadline for application: 16 September 2019

    14.08.2019: Paper published in AMTD: Aerosol and cloud top height information of Envisat MIPAS measurements

    01.08.2019: Paper published in IJHMT: Dielectrophoretic force-driven convection in annular geometry under Earth’s gravity

    12.07.2019: Paper published in AE: Aerosol-orography-precipitation – A critical assessment

    11.07.2019: Paper published in AMT: Aerosol-type classification based on AERONET version 3 inversion products

    01.07.2019: Goutam Choudhury starts his PhD on CCN and INP retrievals from spaceborne CALIPSO lidar measurements within PACIFIC. Welcome Goutam!

    01.07.2019: Fani Alexandri starts her PhD on CCN and INP retrievals from spaceborne CALIPSO lidar measurements within PACIFIC. Welcome Fani!

    01.07.2019: Torsten Seelig starts his Post-Doc on SEVIRI cloud tracking within PACIFIC. Welcome Torsten!

    30.01.2019: Paper published in AMT: Technical note: Absorption aerosol optical depth components from AERONET observations of mixed dust plumes

    04.01.2019: Paper published in Tellus: Trends in MODIS and AERONET derived aerosol optical thickness over Northern Europe

    01.01.2019: Work on PACIFIC starts at LIM

    10.10.2018: DAAD press release on the MOPGA-GRI kick-off meeting in Königswinter (in German)

    15.05.2018: Uni Leipzig press release on getting MOPGA-GRI research funding

    Last update on 14 November 2019 by M. Tesche