Technology Transfer and Cooperation

With our technology offers, we provide our expertise of technologies developed in the research network of our center to research institutions and companies from the life science sector in the Leipzig region.

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Technology Offers

Molecule structure. Foto: Colourbox


Fast, inexpensive and highly specific detection of glyphosate in aqueous solutions in the range of 100 pMon-site analysis for anthropogenic trace substances in water and food

Microtiterplate applicable for parallel recording of impedance spectroscopy. Foto: BBZ, Molekulare Prozesstechnik

Real-time monitoring of cell sheroids

In vivo Monitoring using multi-electrode arrays for label-free measurement of impedance spectra and classification of cellular changes

Quick assay method in liquid samples

Fast and inexpensive on-site analysis for various analytes in liquid samples for glyphosate, toxins and pathogens such as viruses or miRNA

Molecule structure. Foto: Colourbox

Point of care solution for toxins and pathogens

Fast and inexpensive on-site analysis for medically relevant substances, which until now have usually been detected in the laboratory at great expense

Infrastructure and Technologies


  • Feedback controlled, programmable, AI controlled fluidic processing and nanofacturing
  • DNA/lipid membrane nanotechnology based minimal biological features for responsive nanostructures and targeting pathogenic biomolecules and cellular/microbial entities including custom-shaped membrane-active DNA origami and photoactive lipid model systems




(Bioactive) matter / new materials

Start-up Projects

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Intellectual Property

Method, surface, particles and kit for the detection of glyphosate in samples
Rödel, G.; Ostermann, K.; Döring, J.; Dahmann, C.; Pompe T.; Rettke, D.; Martin, S.

Method for the detection of hormonally active compounds, kit and their use
Pompe; T., Rettke, D.; Ostermann, K.; Döring, J.; Seufert, F.

Method, surface, particle and kit for the detection of analytes in samples
Rödel, G.; Ostermann, K.; Döring, J.; Dahmann, C.; Pompe T.; Rettke, D.; Martin, S.

WO2013007804 A1 / US9360416 B2
Twin-focus Photothermal Correlation Spectroscopy Method and Device for the Characterization of Dynamical Processes in Liquids and Biomaterials with the Help of Absorbing
Cichos, F., Braun, M., Selmke, M., Schachoff, R.

EP2766724 B1 / US9551681 B2
Device and Method for parallel recording of Impedance Spectra and Field Potential
Robitzki, A.; Jahnke, H.-G.; Azendorf, R.

EP2354217 B1
Integrated Cultivation and Measurement Device for label-free Detection and Classification of Cellular Alterations, in particular for Generation and cCharacterisation of Cell-Spheroids, Components and Uses thereof
Robitzki, A., Kurz, R.

EP2103933 B1 / US10670576 B2
Device and Method for measuring Impedance in Organotypic Tissues
Robitzki, A., Rothermel, A, Jahnke, H.-G., Sternberger, I., Striggow, F., Mack, T.

WO/2020/052762 A1
Composition of photoautotrophic Microorganisms and chemoheterotrophic Microorganisms in a Biofilm
Karande, R., Hoschek, A., Heuschkel, I., Bühler, K., Schmid, A.

WO/2018/046104 A1
Microorganisms and a Method for the Production of Lactones and their secondary Products by converting Cycloalkanes
Karande, R., Salamanca, D., Engesser,  K.-H., Buehler, K., Schmid, A.

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