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Juan Camilo Rojas Echeverri



Juan Camilo Rojas Echeverri

PhD Student

Research project:

My PhD research will focus in the identification and quantification of oxidation induced post translational modifications (oxPTMs). Several pathologies associated with oxidative stress might be triggered or boosted by accumulation of proteins containing irreversible oxPTMs. Therefore is important to characterize and develop methods of quantification to understand their roles in the disease and as possible biomarkers for clinical diagnosis. This project will deal with the following challenges: A) typically very low abundance of these PTMs that will require development of specific enrichment methods for the family of PTMs of interest; B) the structural and pathway origin diversity of oxPTMs, posing the need of a comprehensive and untargeted-like approach for identification with a combination of denovo sequencing and traditional search algorithms like Sequest and Mascot; C) statistical discrimination (with the use of additional clinical data) of significantly different peptides between patient and control cohorts that can be used as targets of synthesis of isotopically labelled peptides; and D) validate the developed methods in extracts of the most accessible human biological fluid, plasma, on studies of a previously studied pathology associated with oxidative stress, rheumatoid arthritis.


2018 - present | PhD

University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
Thesis title "Analysis of potential oxidation-related biomarkers in inflammatory diseases:
Enriching and detecting carbonylated peptides”

2016 - 2017 | Master of Science in Molecular Analytical Science

The University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom

Project titles:
Statistical clustering for decision support: comparison and ranking of cluster quality to evaluate differences between data sources”. Under Dr. Martine Barons guidance and supervision.

Oxidized AZD6738, an enzymatic or non-enzymatic product? Identification of oxidized AZD6738 ions with accurate mass measurement, isotopic simulation and IRMPD MS/MS using FT-ICRMS”. Under Dr. Peter O’Connor guidance and supervision.

2014 - 2016 | Mass Spectrometry Technician

INDICASAT-AIP, Panama City, Panama

2009 - 2013 | Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Florida State University, Tallahassee, United States of America


1. Kemal Kaya, Saumya Roy, Juan Carlos Nogues, Juan Camilo Rojas, Zlatko Sokolikj, Diego A. R. Zorio, and Igor V. Alabugin* (2016) Optimizing Protonation States for Selective Double-Strand DNA Photocleavage in Hypoxic Tumors: pH-Gated Transitions of Lysine Dipeptides. J. Med. Chem. 59, 8634 - 8647.

2. Brian E. Sedio*, Juan C. Rojas Echeverri, Cristopher A. Boya P., S. Joseph Wright (2017) Sources of variation in foliar secondary chemistry in a tropical forest tree community. Ecology 98, 616-623.

3. Brian E. Sedio*, Cristopher A. Boya P., Juan Camilo Rojas Echeverri (2018) A protocol for high-throughput, untargeted forest community metabolomics using mass spectrometry molecular networks. Applications in Plant Sciences 6, e1033.

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