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Professorenkatalog der Universität Leipzig | catalogus professorum lipsiensium

Project Background

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Project Background

Since 2006 the Lehrstuhl für Neuere and Neueste Geschichte (Chair for Modern and Post-modern History) at the History Department has been working on a database of all those professors who taught at Leipzig University during the nineteenth and twentieth century. This project is supported by the President of the University of Leipzig. On the occasion of the six-hundredth anniversary of the establishment of Leipzig University, this database is to be made accessible to the general public on the internet. In cooperation with the Institut für Informatik (Institute for Computer Science), a website has been developed to browse or to search the database. The Institut für Informatik provided a project group for the development of the website as well as a student group who modernised the original database during an internship. New Semantic Web technologies such as RDFS and OWL are employed for this purpose and enable an optimal preparation for future research projects with the help of the Professor Catalogue. top

Contents of the Catalogue

The Catalogue is to be comprised of all professors who taught at Leipzig University between the university reform in 1830/31 and the end of the traditional universities in the early years of the GDR. The chosen interval corresponds with the most important phases in university history since the reorganisation of German universities in the 1830s and their development into modern, scientific large-scale institutions. Special attention is paid to the destiny of university staff during times of political upheaval in the twentieth century. A chronological extension to the years before 1831 and after 1952 is possible. The decisive criterion for the inclusion in the catalogue is the title of Professor (as is the case with other catalogues of a similar kind). The individual professor is represented with the most important personal information, career dates and publications. If possible, a photograph will be added. top

The Catalogue

The Leipzig Professor Catalogue is subdivided into historical periods which correspond to the political systems in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Germany. You can access individual biographies via the faculty site where you can choose a particular faculty of Leipzig University in order to see an alphabetical list of all its members. Simple and advanced search options will enable you to search either for a person, subject or institution or combinations of the afore-mentioned. You can look at the biography of one particular professor by using the simple search option. Additionally, the formulation of complex inquiries is possible through a free SPARQL search. However, this search option is restricted to university staff only. top

Future Prospects

The database currently comprises the professors of Leipzig University during the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich. In the next phase of the project, the teaching staff during the time of the German Empire and the period between 1831 and 1871 will be entered. An extension of the biographical data to the period between the foundation of Leipzig University in 1409 and the university reform of 1831 is possible. However, the extensive research necessary cannot be conducted at the moment due to the current provision of the project as regards financing and personnel. An extension of the database to the period after 1952 is possible by inquiring for basic personal information through questionnaires. Research in archives is not possible for this period due to reasons of privacy protection. top

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