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From the airport to the main station
Conference sites
Get together and conference dinner
Public transport
Telekom Tagungshotel

From the airport to the main station

You can go from the airport Leipig/Halle (LEJ) to the main station by train. It takes 15 minutes and and costs 3,00 - 4,00€.

Enter the time and date of your arrival on the homepage of the German railway company and find out the exact departure time of the trains.
(fill in Start = Leipzig/Halle Flughafen, Destination = Leipzig Hauptbahnhof)

Conference sites

The conference sites are located at the Campus Augustusplatz in the city center of Leipzig. The talks will be held in the Seminargebäude (NSG) and in the Hörsaalgebäude (HSG), Universitätsstraße 5.

On Saturday the plenary sessions take place in the Geschwister-Scholl-Haus, Ritterstraße 8-10, 3 minutes to walk from the campus.

You can access the conference sites if you get off the tram at the stops Augustusplatz or Hauptbahnhof (main station). All trams pass at least one of those stops.
  • from Augustusplatz:
    cross Augustusplatz and follow Grimmaische Straße, turn left into Universitätsstraße (5 minutes walk)

  • from the main station:
    cross the tracks in front of the station, follow Nikolaistraße, Ritterstraße or Goethestraße until Grimmaische Straße, turn into Universitätsstraße (5-10 minutes walk)
Unfortunately, the street name Universitätsstraße is not indicated. It is the small street to the left of the bookstore "Lehmanns", a big white building with green letters that you cannot miss.


In order to access the Hörsaalgebäude, go through the Seminargebäude to the courtyard. The Hörsaalgebäude is the red building on the right (follow the arrows on the following map). MAP

Get together and conference dinner

  • Get together at Bayrischer Bahnhof, Bayrischer Platz 1

    tram 2 (direction Naunhofer Straße), tram 9 (direction Markkleeberg-West) or 16 (direction Lößnig) to the stop Bayrischer Bahnhof ( 3rd stop after the main station)
    the restaurant is the yellow building in front of you
    entrance: turn right into Bayrischer Platz; after 100m turn left into Kohlenstraße

    If you prefer walking: follow Nikolaistraße, Universitätsstraße, Grünewaldstraße, Windmühlenstraße, Bayrischer Platz (blue line on the map). It is a 20-minutes-walk from the main station.

  • Conference dinner at Barthels Hof, Hainstraße 1
    Get off the tram at the stops Hauptbahnhof (main station) or Augustusplatz

    • from the main station:
      follow Nikolaistraße until Grimmaische Straße, turn left and follow Grimmaische Straße, cross the market place and turn left into Hainstraße; the restaurant is situated in an alley on the left hand side of Hainstraße
    • from Augustusplatz:
      cross Augustusplatz, follow Grimmaische Straße and cross the market place; turn left into Hainstraße; the restaurant is situated in an alley on the left hand side of Hainstraße

Public transport

You can find the route map of Leipzig here.

Where to buy tickets:
  • at the Mobilitätszentrum in front of the main station (cross the tracks in front of the station, the center is on the right) MAP
  • at a ticket machine which you can find at almost all of the tram stops and in some of the trams
    • for a ticket Einzelfahrt press 1 Zone Erwachsener and then 1 Zone Leipzig.
    • for a ticket Kurzstrecke press Kurzstrecke Leipzig Einzelfahrt.
    • if none of the first two options is available: ask the tram driver.

What kind of ticket should I buy?
  • ticket Einzelfahrt: valid for an hour within Leipzig, costs 2,00€
  • ticket Kurzstrecke: valid for at most four stops within Leipzig, costs 1,40€
Tickets have to be validated in the tram (yellow boxes).

Telekom Tagungshotel

For those of you who stay in the Telekom Tagungshotel:
  • address: Zschochersche Straße 69
  • from the main station: take tram 3 (direction Knautkleeberg) or 13 (direction Knautkleeberg), they depart from track 2 in front of the main station
  • get off at the stop Elsterpassage (takes about 13 minutes); follow Zschochersche Straße for another 50m, cross Industriestraße;
    the hotel is the yellow building on the left
  • from the hotel to the main station: take tram 3 (direction Sommerfeld) or 13 (direction Taucha); get of at the stop Hauptbahnhof (main station)
    from the main station to the conference sites: see the description above (5-10 minutes walk)
  • tram tickets: There is a ticket machine at the stop Elsterpassage. Besides, you can buy tickets in the shopping center Elsterpassage: follow the sign LVB, Tickets & Service. For details see section Public transport above.
  • from the hotel to the department of linguistics:
    by tram: take tram 3 or 13 (direction Knautkleeberg) to the stop Adler, change to tram 2 (direction Naunhofer Straße or Meusdorf), get off at the stop Neues Rathaus (tram takes 15-20 minutes + 5 minutes walk to the department)
    on foot (recommended option): follow Industriestraße, Holbeinstraße, Anton-Bruckner-Allee, cross Clara-Zetkin-Park until the traffic circle, follow Beethovenstraße (30 minutes walk; the blue line on the map)


Invited Speakers

-Jonathan Bobaljik
-Greville Corbett
-Alice Harris
-Larry Hyman
-Martin Haspelmath
-Andrew Nevins
-Andrew Spencer


-Balthasar Bickel
-Doreen Georgi
-Gereon Müller
-Jochen Trommer

Practical information

-Handouts/technical support


- Conference: June 11-13 2009
- Deadline: February 8 2009
- Notification: February 28 2009


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-Department of Linguistics
-Exponence Network
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