Morphology of the World's Languages

Universität Leipzig

Handouts and technical support


  • All rooms are equipped with a laptop and a beamer for presenting slides. Please ensure that your presentation is in pdf format.                                            
  • Speakers should prepare about 30 handouts.

  • Invited speakers should bring 80 handouts for the plenary sessions.


You can access the internet in the pc pool in room S024 in the Seminargebäude and via wifi. Login and password are provided during the conference.

Printing and Copying

You can print files and copy papers in the department of information systems (Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik, IWI) which is on the Campus Augustusplatz, too.


Invited Speakers

-Jonathan Bobaljik
-Greville Corbett
-Alice Harris
-Larry Hyman
-Martin Haspelmath
-Andrew Nevins
-Andrew Spencer


-Balthasar Bickel
-Doreen Georgi
-Gereon Müller
-Jochen Trommer

Practical information



- Conference: June 11-13 2009
- Deadline: February 8 2009
- Notification: February 28 2009


-University of Leipzig
-Department of Linguistics
-Exponence Network
-RG Verbal Arguments
-Syntax of the World's Languages