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1st Network Meeting

2nd Network Meeting

3rd Network Meeting & Workshop on Theoretical Morphology 4

4th Network Meeting & Workshop on the Divison of Labour between Morphology and Phonology

5th Network Meeting & Morphology of the World's Languages

Program of the 1st Network Meeting, June 2007

Saturday, June 23

Joint session with the Workshop on Theoretical Morphology

8:30- 9:15 Dieter WunderlichIs the optimal affix polyfunctional? (Handout)
9:15- 10:00Marc van OostendorpMorphology is visible (Slides)
10:00- 10:30*Coffee Break*
10:30- 11:15Gereon MüllerA radically non-morphemic approach to bidirectional syncretism (Paper)
11:15- 12:00Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero On the nature of the cycle (Handout)
12:00- 12:15*Coffee Break*
12:15- 13:00Andrew NevinsAnti-exhibitionism of featural markedness in exponence (Slides)
13:00- 14:30*Lunch Break*
14:30- 15:15Jochen TrommerPresentation of the Network Proposal (Slides)
15:15- 17:00Open Discussion
20:00- *Barbecue in the Kesselhaus*

Program of the 2nd Network Meeting, January 2008

Thursday, January 10

20:00- Get together at Cafe Kowalski

Friday, January 11

09:00- 09:10Welcome
09:10- 10:10 Gereon MüllerSyncretism without underspecification (Slides) (Handout)
10:10- 10:30*Coffee Break*
10:30- 11:10Eulàlia BonetIn defense of a morphous morphology (Handout)
11:10- 11:50Jochen TrommerOn portmanteau agreement (Slides)
11:50- 13:20*Lunch Break*
13:20- 14:00Bernd WieseThe form-function relation in German ablaut (Handout)
14:00- 14:40Paul de LacyVacuous coalescence and absolute neutralization: A theory of mutation (Handout)
14:40- 15:00*Coffee Break*
15:00- 16:30Thematic Groups
16:30- 16:40*Break*
16:40- 17:00Business Meeting
18:00*Motet in the Thomaskirche*
20:00- *Dinner at Zest*

Saturday, January 12

09:00- 10:00 Marc van OostendorpBasic units of exponence within Optimality Theory (Slides)
10:00- 10:20*Coffee Break*
10:20- 11:20Thematic Groups
11:20- 11:30*Break*
11:30- 12:30Plenary Session: Thematic Group Summaries
12:30- 14:00*Lunch Break*
14:00- 14:40Stephen Anderson Phonologically Conditioned Allomorphy in the Morphology of Surmiran (Rumantsch) (Handout)
14:40- 15:20Sabine LappeTruncation and exponence - how small can you get? (Handout)
15:20- 15:40*Coffee Break*
15:40- 16:20Jonathan BobaljikFrom syntax to exponence: some Chukchi evidence (Handout)
16:20- 17:00Final Discussion

Program of the 3rd Network meeting and Workshop on Theoretical Morphology 4, June 2008

Thursday, June 19

19:00- Get together at Wilhelm-Ostwald-Gedenkstätte Großbothen

Friday, June 20
09:10- 10:00 Ricardo Bermúdez-OteroTutorial on Lexical Classes (Handout)
10:00- 10:40Laura DowningCo-phonologies and morphological exponence in OT (Handout)
10:40- 11:00*Coffee Break*
11:00- 11:40Thomas McFaddenConstraining the use of composite case categories (Handout)
11:40. 12:20Pavel CahaAn argument for the spell out of non-terminals (Handout)
12:20- 14:00*Lunch Break*
14:00- 14:40Daniel HarbourA heterospective on homophonophobia (Handout)
14:40- 15:20Renate RaffelsiefenEvidence for non-compositionality in derivational morphology
15:30- 17:00Thematic Groups
17:00- 17:20*Coffee Break*
17:20- 18:00Matthew BaermanDefectiveness and morphosyntactic deviance (Handout)
20:00- *Dinner in Nimbschen*

Saturday, June 21

09:10- 10:00 Andrew NevinsTutorial on Overwriting (Slides)
10:00- 10:40Dieter WunderlichWhen comes morphology in?
10:40- 11:00*Coffee Break*
11:00- 12:30Thematic Groups
12:30- 14:00*Lunch Break*
14:00- 14:40Adam AlbrightFlapometry and palatography: An argument for surface identity between derived forms? (Handout)
14:40- 15:20Antje LahneTaking Syncretisms Seriously: A New Argument for Finite Control as Movement (Slides)
15:20- 15:40*Coffee Break*
15:40- 16:20Antje RossdeutscherDM meets DRT. Syntax and Semantics of German -ung nominalisations (Slides)
16:20- 17:00Natascha PominoThe verbal augments -isk-/-iss-
17:00- 17:20*Coffee Break*
17:20- 18:00Erik SchorlemmerDeriving Double Definiteness: the interaction of syntax and morphology (Handout)
18:00- 18:40Tarald TaraldsenColonnata and the syntax/ lexicon interface
20:00- *Dinner in Grimma*

Workshop on the Divison of Labour between Morphology and Phonology & Fourth Network Meeting

Date and Venue: January 16-17 2009 at the Meertens Instituut Amsterdam


Friday, January 16
09:10- 10:00 Jochen TrommerTutorial on Paradigms (Handout)
10:00- 10:40Moira YipThe Convergence of Labor Between Phonology and Morphology (Handout)
10:40- 11:00*Coffee Break*
11:00- 11:40Mary PasterPhonologically Conditioned Affix Order as an Illusory Phenomenon (Handout)
11:40- 12:20Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero
& Ana Luis
Cyclic domains and prosodic spans in the phonology of European Portuguese functional morphs (Handout)
12:20- 14:00*Lunch Break*
14:00- 14:40Geert BooijConstruction morphology (Handout)
14:40- 15:20Erik Fuss Partial Pro-Drop = Zero Exponence + Deblocking (Handout)
15:30- 17:00Thematic Groups
17:00- 17:20*Coffee Break*
17:20- 18:00Albert Ortmann &
Bianca Schwarz
Infixation, Blocking, and Reduplication in Muna Verbal Inflection: an OT-Account of Allomorphy Selection and Back-Copying (Handout)
18:00- 18:40Jason HaugenThree Challenges for Morphological Doubling Theory (Handout)

Saturday, January 17

09:10- 10:00 Andrew NevinsTutorial on Affix Order
10:00- 10:40Sharon InkelasThe Morphology-Phonology Connection (Handout)
10:40- 11:00*Coffee Break*
11:00- 12:30Thematic Groups
12:30- 14:00*Lunch Break*
14:00- 14:40Dieter WunderlichLong-Distance Agreement
14:40- 15:20Diane Frances Lesley-NeumanMorphology and Phonology in Karimojong Verbal Affixation: Multiple Interfaces within an Amphichronic Model (Slides)
15:20- 15:40*Coffee Break*
15:40- 16:20Matthew WolfTwo Arguments in Defense of Allomorphy As Phonological Optimization
16:20- 17:00Laura DowningLinear Disorder in Bantu Reduplication (Handout)
17:00- 17:20*Coffee Break*
17:20- 18:00Noam FaustWhere -it's at: the grammar of feminine suffixes in Modern Hebrew (Handout)
18:00- 18:40Jonathan Bobaljik Itelmen Vowel Harmony Vowel Harmony the Sovjet Period (Handout)

Fifth Network Meeting & Morphology of the World's Languages

Date and Venue: June 11-13 2009 at the University of Leipzig

The program is available on the MOWL homepage.


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