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PhD students

The INC congratulate for these successful PhD theses:

Marcus Lange Sorption of C4-hydrocarbons on structural flexible and porous coordination polymeres
Hans Uhlig Synthesis of MCM-41 and MCM-48 monoliths via pseudomorph transformation of amorphous silicates

Sven Gerhardt Microstructures of coke deposits from high temperature processes

Thomas Behnisch Preparation of nanostructured silicon dioxide particles from colloidal dispersions by spray drying
Sven Fichtner Degradation of the surrogate for mustard gas 2-chloroethylethylsulfide at copper containing compounds for detoxification of polymer based spherical activated carbons

Jens Möllmer

Adsorption of pure gases CO­­2, CH4, and N2 and their mixtures on microporous MOF´s

Moisés Bastos Neto Hydrogen Purification and Storage by Adsorption in Porous Materials

Ricardo Bazan Cleaning and storage of methane by adsorption                                                                                            

Diploma/Master theses

The INC congratulate for these successful Diploma/Master theses:

Thomas Hähnel Charakterization of porous materials with adsorptive methods
(in ccoperation with Dresden University of Applied Sciences)

Gregor Dornberg Ion exchange and phase separation in the system (15-x)Na20/(x)Li2O/15B2O3/70SiO2 with x= 0 15 mol-%
Doreen Rühling

Investigation and description of adsorption isoterms in the system water - activated carbon

Sharon Krenkel Production and characterization of porous TiO2-containing glass membranes for photocatalytic degradation of organic compounds
Qinjiao Liu Investigation of adsorption isotherms of pollutants on activated carbon

Maximilian Willeitner Comparative validation of reactor models for functionalisation of bulk material based on lignocellolose
(in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences Zwickau)
Valeria Samsoninkova Analytical studies of coke deposition on HP 40 and ET 45 alloys during thermal cracking with naphtha

Hua Tang Investigations for increasing of biogas and biomethane yield by different pre-treatment technologies of  rape straw
(in cooperation with Leipzig University of Applied Sciences)
Christin Patzschke Purification of natural gas on metal organic framework BasoliteTM A 100
Bettina Stolze Heterogeneous photocatalysis for waste water treatment
Robert Eschrich Stategy for reduction of coke formation at high temperature reactions


Robert Oltrogge Extractive winning of ingredients from natural materials with supercritical carbon dioxide with and without modifiers
Carsten Frohberg Investigations of producing of biodiesel from rape oil and alcohols by ultrasound-assisted phase transfer catalysis
Marcus Lange Desulphurization of biogas by gas scrubbing in a fixed-bed reactor
Patrick Andreas Pest Investigations for increasing of biogas yield and quality by chemical and physical pre-treatment of different substrates
(in cooperation with FH Weihenstephan)

Daniela Kulka Investigation of absorption and desorption of CO2 from biogas with liquids
(in cooperation with FH Zittau / Görlitz)
Marcus Nöthlich Chemical modification of natural fibers and their characterization
(in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences Zwickau)
Jens Möllmer Adsorption of hydrocarbons on nanoporous solids

Bachelor theses
The INC congratulate these student for their Bachelor degree:

S. Le Removal of heat-stable salts from washing solutions from the absorption of carbon dioxide

T. Phan
Investigations on the aging of organic active components in biogas upgrading by means of amine scrubbing to feed-in methane

A. Stekly Development of methods for separation and characterization of high-boiling hydrocarbons with NP-HPLC

C. Arloth Investigation of adsorptive cleaning of crude gas from biomass gasification
B. Költzsch Investigation of chromatographic separation and characterization of high boiling hydrocarbon fractions from crude oil-refinery processes

C. Blank Investigation and characterization of the liqiud-liquid extraction of vacuum residues with a solvent deasphalting pilot plant

O. Schönefeld Adsorption of citric acid at porous materials
P. Huang Investigation of thermal and oxidative aging of amine solutions from separation of biogas to natural gas and carbon dioxide by absorption

S. Blank Studies of texture, phases and chemical composition at coke formation on alloys at high temperature pyrolysis of n-hexane


A. Philipp Investigation to mass and energy balance in the ultrasound-assisted process of production of biodiesel in decentralized plants
A. Schulz Adsorption equilibria of n-butane on nanoporous activated carbon in a temperature range of 283 to 333 K

A. Jeremies
Desulphurization of biogas by catalytic oxidation – tests in a bench-scale-plant
M. Marx Degradation of organic substances occuring in gas phase at catalytic active surfaces by oxidation and hydrolysis
J. Remiezowicz Utilization of ultrasound for production of biodiesel in decentralized plants 
M. Borth
Adsorption of low hydrocarbons on the nanoporous metal-organic framework BasoliteTM C300

R. Eschrich Desulphurization of biogas by catalytic oxidation
K. Fischer Influence of some hydrocarbons on the coking rate at high temperatures
A. P. Petersen Funktional paints, based on hierarchical structured photo catalysts
J. Uhlig Optimization of desulphirization of biogas by catalytic oxidation
P. With Measurements of impedanz and electrical capacities on zeolites
C. Frohberg Investigation of separation of emulsion with acetone
R. Oltrogge Synthesis of nano-composite materials by pressure swing technique
Ch. Worch Investigation of sorption of gases on polymers by impedanz spektroscopic measurements
A. Ott
Influence of BCM-Sorb concentration of separation of biogas
S. Gutsmuths Formation of biotensides during catalytic sterilization
M. Lange Decomposition of Diclofenac with hydrogen peroxide and UV-radiation
D. Richter Investigation of sorption equilibria of noble gases on zeolites
D. Worch Determination of breakthrough-curves of organic vapours on activated carbons

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