NMR-Spectrometer MSL 300
MSL 300 electronic part of the MSL 300,
on the screen you can see a Free Induction Decay (FID) of a zeolite

Special Features

  • resonance frequency of 1H: 300.13 MHz
  • 2 RF-channels to produce strong RF-pulses (more than 1000 W)
  • the phase of the RF-pulses can be set in units of 1
  • deuteron lock of the magnetic field
  • (CP)MAS up to 7 kHz (7 mm rotor)
  • goniometer probehead 4.2 K to 300 K, with an additional goniometer axis (perpendicular to the first goniometer axis and the static magnetic field (+/- 10 adjustment))
  • high static electric fields can be applied to the sample synchronously to the RF-pulses