In our group we predominantly investigate solids with special correlations between electrons or between electrons and the lattice. Those often show complex quantum phenomena that we want to characterize and understand.

We mainly use the methods of magnetic resonance on nuclei or electrons (NMR, EPR) to investigate those materials. Furthermore we also further develop the methodology (hard- and software).

We offer theses on the following focuses:

  • elucidation of electronic states in high temperature superconductors (NMR, EPR)
  • magnetic and electric ordering (NMR)
  • pulsed field NMR (up to 80 Tesla)
  • NMR under extreme pressures
  • interaction of small adsorbed molecules in coordination polymers (EPR, NMR)
  • paramagnetic impurities in SiC wafers and SiC nanoparticles (EPR)

Prof. J. Haase
room: 507