Gründerinnenteam NanoTubeTEC
(S. Friebe, A. Kupferer, P. Jauch, S. Arnold)
gewinnt Gründerpreis der Stadt Leipzig 2021

(Video der Preisverleihung - link)

Fernsehbericht: Alternativen zu Tierversuchen in der Augenheilkunde

Latest publications

Nils Wilharm, Marko Bertmer, Wolfgang Knolle, Jan Griebel, Christian Elsner and Stefan G. Mayr Biomimetic crosslinking of collagen gels by energetic electrons: the role of L-lysine Acta Biomatrialia (accepted 2021) Link

Astrid Kupferer, Stephan Mändl and Stefan G. Mayr, Tailoring Morphology in Titania Nanotube Arrays by Implantation: Experiments and modelling on designed pore size. Materials Research Letters (accepted 2021) Link

Astrid Kupferer, Alexander Holm, Andriy Lotnyk, Stephan Mändl and Stefan G. Mayr, Compositional Patterning in Carbon Implanted Titania Nanotubes. Advanced Functional Materials (accepted 2021) Link

Uta Kapprell, Sabrina Friebe, Susann Grüner, Christoph Grüner, Astrid Kupferer, Bernd Rauschenbach and Stefan G. Mayr, Fibroblast Response to Nanocolumnar TiO2 Structures Grown by Oblique Angle Sputter Deposition. Advanced Materials Interfaces (accepted 2021) Link

Alexander Holm and Stefan G. Mayr, Glassy and ballistic dynamics in collision cascades in amorphous TiO2: Combined molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo based studies across energy scales Phys. Rev. B 103, 174201 (2021). Link

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