Project B06 – Dynamic modulation of adhesion GPCR function through complex formation

The activity profile and signaling capacity of adhesion GPCRs (aGPCR) may be modulated through crosstalk between different cell surface molecules and may be triggered and/or modulated by mechanical input. We will identify ligand-receptor complexes of aGPCRs through in vitro and in vivo orthogonal labeling and photo-crosslinking as well as intermolecular FRET approaches, respectively. In a further tier of experiments, we will investigate if putative interactors affect aGPCR signaling in a mechano-dependent fashion, test if mechanical stimuli serve as a switch for aGPCR dimerization/oligomerization and investigate how the viscoelastic properties of these interactions correlate with aGPCR activity.


Prof. Dr. D.Phil. (Oxon) Tobias Langenhan (Project Leader)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Medicine
Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry
Johannisallee 30, D-04103 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 97 22101

Anne-Kristin Dahse (PhD Student and Vice-Representatives of the PhD students of the SFB1423)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Medicine
Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry
Johannisallee 30, D-04103 Leipzig

Anne Bormann (PhD Student)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Medicine
Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry
Johannisallee 30, D-04103 Leipzig


  • in vitro and in vivo orthogonal labeling and photo-crosslinking as well as intermolecular FRET approaches


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