Project C01 – Evolution of functional specificity in GPCR signal transduction

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) transduce a high variety of different signals into the cell through specific binding of downstream signaling proteins such as Gs, Gi, Gq, G12/13 or arrestin. However, the structural and evolutionary basis for this signaling specificity is still not well understood. Here we propose a comprehensive computational analysis of receptor coupling specificity. For that purpose, we will combine phylogenetic analysis of receptors and interacting intracellular proteins with structural bioinformatics and latest generation molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Our computational analysis aims to elucidate how common structural features underlying the specific signaling profiles have developed.


Prof. Dr. Peter Stadler (Project Leader)

Leipzig University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science
Härtelstraße 16 – 18, D-04107 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 97 16690


Computational analysis of receptor coupling specificity by

  • phylogenetic analysis 
  • structural bioinformatics and latest generation molecular dynamics (MD) simulations


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