Gender Equality

An important key objective of the SFB is the promotion of gender equality and family-friendly working conditions. This is based on the equal opportunities mandate enshrined in the Saxon Higher Education Act and the equal opportunities standards of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Within TRR 67, new measures are being developed to promote gender equality and we are committed to family-friendly working conditions. We also inform and advise all SFB members in these areas. Lectures on gender equality issues for all SFB members, workshops and leadership seminars on gender sensitisation are planned. These measures are developed in close cooperation with the university’s equality and diversity structures. Measures to improve family friendliness include support in finding day-care and kindergarten places, family-friendly times for SFB-internal events, flexibility in the choice of work location and additional auxiliary hours for young parents.


Transregio 67 has an innovative childcare concept with model character for the universities of Leipzig and Dresden as well as for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation), which generously finances this position. At each of the two locations there is an educator employed by TRR 67. She looks after the children of the TRR 67 employees during the closing hours of the day-care centres, at external TRR seminars and after individual consultation and in emergencies. Members of the TRR 67 (sub-project leaders, scientific staff and doctoral students) can use the services of the educators at any time with the care of their children.

An educator will be happy to take care of your children during events of the TRR 67 and the Integrated Research Training Group.

The family and child-friendly services are detailed:

  • Accompaniment by a nanny to external seminars and workshops
  • regular childcare during unusual working hours as well as during seminars and evening lectures
  • Emergency programme: care of children in their parents’ home in the event of illness, unexpected absence, e.g. late arrival of trains, or unforeseen laboratory problems.


Birgit Kanzler
Faculty of Medicine
Leipzig University
Clinic for Dermatology, Venerology and Dermatology

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