Last Update: 22 December 2011
VERDI: Vertical Distribution of Ice in Arctic Clouds.   Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada, 10 April - 20 May, 2012

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VERDI Instrumentation

NameResponsible InstitutionProducts
Electromagnetic Radiation:
AMALi Lidar  Details   AWIParticle extinction coefficient, cloud-top height
AISA Eagle Hyperspectral Camera  Details   AWI, LIMHyperspectral radiance I(t, y, λ), cloud optical depth
SMART Albedometer  Details   LIMSpectral radiance I(ynadir, t, λ), irradiance F(t, λ); cloud optical depth and effective radius, ice indices
Sun-PhotometerAWIAerosol optical depth
Broadband Radiation Sensors (up- and downward looking)AWI / FIELAXBrodband irradiance F(t) for UV/VIS and TIR spectral ranges
KT-19 radiation thermometer (downward looking)  Details   AWI / FIELAXCloud-top or surface temperature
Up- and downward looking digital VideoAWI / FIELAXVideo imagery
Stereo Camera (downward looking digital photo camera)AWI / FIELAXPhoto documentation, cloud phase function
Cloud and Aerosol in-situ Probing:
NIXE-CAPS   Details   FZJCloud particle size distribution and particle phase
SID-3  Details   KITCloud particle shape and size
CCP   Details   IPA MainzCloud particle size distribution
CAS-DPOL  Details   DLR—IPACloud particle size distribution
ALABAMA  Details   MPIC MainzCloud particle size distribution
Flight Management SystemAWI / FIELAX 
Inertial Reference SystemAWI / FIELAX 
Air Data ComputerAWI / FIELAX 
Radar AltimeterAWI / FIELAXGround altitude
Basic MetAWI / FIELAXPressure, humidity, temperature
CR-2 Humidity Sensor  Details   AWI / FIELAXAir humidity
AIMMS-20  Details   AWI / FIELAXTemperature, pressure, humidity, wind vector, aircraft attitude
AVAPS Lite Dropsonde System  Details   AWI / FIELAXProfiles of air pressure, humidity, temperature, and wind
Nevzorov Probe   Details   AWI / LaMPLiquid and Total Water Content
Sea ice:
EM Bird   Details   AWIThickness of sea ice

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