What is Latin America?

Buenos Aires by night

What historical, economic, social, and political dynamics have contributed to the trans/formation of localities, countries, sub-regions and of the region itself? These are some of the questions that the Coloquio de estudios latinoamericanos en Leipzig (CEL-LE) proposes to discuss within the framework of monthly meetings, talks, and annual conferences. CEL-LE seeks to generate a space for reflection, critical thinking, and debate about Latin America in the global context, defined as a chronotope; i.e. an intrinsic connection of temporal and spatial relations, following Bajtín. In this way, CEL-LE aims at strengthening the Latin American Studies in Leipzig, as well as at creating new ties between intellectual generations, disciplines, and spheres.

With this purpose, CEL-LE invites students, researchers, and people outside the academy interested in Latin America to present undergoing research and to propose topics for study and discussion. It is an open space welcoming different disciplines, like philology, history, sociology, anthropology, political science, cultural and global studies, international relations, and economy. The meeting point is the University of Leipzig. Presentations can be held in the following languages: Spanish, English and German. Contributions in Portuguese are also welcome.