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Revolutionary Nationalism in a Global Perspective – Programme of the Joint Session at the CISH Congress 2020 in Poznań

We are happy to announce the programme of the session organized by the International Commission on the History of French Revolution (CIHRF), the Japanese and Korean National Committees, and NOGWHISTO. The session "Revolutionary Nationalism in a Global Perspective" will take place during the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences in August 2020 in Poznań (Poland).

Convenors: Koichi Yamazaki (Tokyo), Alan Forrest (York), Pierre Serna (Paris), and Matthias Middell (Leipzig)

Panellists: Pierre Serna (Paris), Lynn Hunt (Los Angeles), Michael Rapport (Glasgow), Megan Maruschke (Leipzig), Fukamachi Hideo (Tokyo), Kyounghan Bae (Pusan), and Ian Coller (Irvine)

Please find here abstracts and paper abstracts.