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  • “Voices of the Unseen”: Women’s Agency Within the Unequal Power Structures in Early Modern, Colonial, and Contemporary Korea”.

    Christine Mae Sarito

  • African non-military conflict intervention practices (ANCIP)

    Ulf Engel

  • Colonial Injustice: Past Politics and Todays Legacies

    Katrin Köster

  • Conflict and inequity on the shopfloor and society: the shifting roles of trade unions in a global and long-term perspective

    Karin Hofmeester

  • Cosmopolitanism at Large: Culture and Utopian Imaginaries within a Gendered and Global Perspective in the 18th and 19th century

    Aurea Mota

    Diana Roig Sanz

  • Decolonization, International Institutions, and Twentieth-Century Global History

    Neilesh Bose

  • Double Panel: Displaced Persons and Refugees in Postwar Europe: A Transnational History of Displacement

    Philipp Strobl

  • Embattled Nature and “Imperial Debris”: environmental dimension of the Great War and interbellum in Eastern Europe

    Kerstin von Lingen

  • Empire, Cross-Cultural Commerce, and Justice in Global History (1500-1900)

    Gijs Dreijer

    Tessa de Boer

    Ramona Negrón

  • Exchanges and Empires in the Revolutionary Era: Global Lives and Modernity Throughout the Hispanic World (1780-1850)

    Deborah Besseghini

    Federica Morelli

  • Fighting across borders

    Ninja Steinbach-Hüther

  • Fleeing from war or profiting from peace: the role of refugees and migrants in technique and technology transfers across the early modern world (Double Panel)

    Felicia Gottmann

  • Forensics between Knowledge and Justice: The Handling of Human and Animal Remains in the Context of Wars – Local, Regional, and International Perspectives

    Alexa Stiller

  • Geographies of knowledge production and transfers
  • Global History Writing from A Margin

    Jie-Hyun Lim

  • Global Publics and their Actors: Mass Politics, Anticolonial Activism and Peace Movements in the Mid-Twentieth Century

    Valeska Huber

  • Globalization in Central and Eastern Europe after WWII: Questioning Old and New Interpretations

    Béla Tomka

  • Globalizing Institutions of Dealing with the Past: Politics and the Establishment of Truth Commissions and International Fora of Justice in the 1990s

    Stephan Scheuzger

    Alexa Stiller

    Line Engbo Gissel

  • Histoire mondiale de la France and its adaptations across Europe: Writing national histories in a global frame in the 21st century (Roundtable Discussion)

    Bálint Varga

  • Historical research on transnational social science after 1945

    Adela Hincu

    Katja Castryck-Naumann

  • Imperial histories – compared and connected

    Ana Moledo

  • Inequalities and diversity of rights – divides, hierarchies, and struggles

    Uwe Müller

  • International law: fresh perspectives

    Gilad Ben-Nun

  • Issues of sovereignty in diplomatic relations
  • Local conflicts and global peace: Asian experiences

    Kwangmin Kim

  • Measuring entanglements, cultural transfers, and cross-border relations

    Antje Dietze

    Ninja Steinbach-Hüther

  • Money, Souls, and Artefacts: The Austrian Habsburg Dimension within Global Colonial Systems

    Jonathan Singerton

  • Monuments and Colonial Violence in Global History

    Janne Lahti

  • Negotiating Imperialism: Treaty-making in Global Comparative Perspective

    Stefan Eklöf Amirell

    Birgit Tremml-Werner

  • New Departures in Strategic Studies

    Isabelle Duyvesteyn

  • Peace activisms: individuals, networks, and organizations

    Frank Hadler

  • Planning and social engineering outside the cities: Harbingers of rural vulnerability in post-imperial Asia.

    Clemens Six

    Andreas Weiß

  • Power and Contestation along global value chains

    Pepijn Brandon

    Niklas Frykman

  • Practices of Internationalism in the Socialist World

    Oscar Sanchez-Sibony

    Berthold Unfried

  • Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the broader MENA region: Strengthening Resilience in Enabling Environments

    Ulf Engel

  • Refugees and Spaces of Exception: Beyond the Refugee Camp

    Megan Maruschke

    Carolin Liebisch-Gümüş

  • Relating Global History and Peace Education

    Geert Castryck

    Maarten Van Alstein

  • Religious and Social Identity in Transition: Conflict, Conciliation and Coexistence in Early Modern Asia (Double Panel)

    Tomoko Morikawa

    Ryuto Shimada

  • Scaling Colonial Rule: Biography, Local Conflict, and Structural Transformation in the Middle East and North Africa

    Ulrich Brandenburg

    Bettina Dennerlein

  • Showcases of rural modernity: Agricultural exhibitions and representations of rural development in comparative and transregional perspective

    Steffi Marung

  • Supporting global knowledge transfers in times of conflict. Cold War experts' exchanges

    Sławomir Łukasiewicz

  • Tensions of Humanitarianism

    Stefano Bellucci

  • Tensions of Inclusion and Social Justice
  • The Fragile Lives on the National & Transnational Edges in the post-War and post-Colonial East Asia

    Chongmyong Im

    Ilyeong Jeong

  • The power of narratives

    Antje Dietze

  • The production of world knowledge transformed: Area studies in Europe

    Kathleen Schlütter

  • The prospects of transimperial histories: themes, problems, and perspectives

    Miguel Bandeira Jeronimo

    Damiano Matasci

    Cyrus Schayegh

  • The Regional and Global Politics of Student Mobility

    Daniel Laqua

  • Theoretical fundaments of Global History – Periodizations and Geographies. Contributions to the Palgrave-ENIUGH Handbook of Global History

    Matthias Middell

  • Theorizing war and conflict

    Uwe Müller

  • Three recent books on agricultural work, peasant societies and global capitalism: towards a new research agenda

    Eric Vanhaute

  • Trading Connections – Trading Warfare

     Ute Rietdorf

  • Transimperial networks and border regions

    Ana Moledo

  • Transnational Communism and Lived Spaces. Mapping the Traces of Swedish Interwar Communism

    Fredrik Petersson

    Christopher Collstedt

  • Transnational Education

    Frank Hadler

  • Transregional Perspectives on Peace and Security – Conflict Trends and Responses in ‘Global East’ and ‘Global South'

    Lena Dallywater

  • Under Maintenance: Contested Histories of Transport Infrastructure

    Andreas Greiner

    Olivier Keller

  • Varieties of Development: The political imagination of (in)equality and (in)justice

    Miguel Bandeira Jeronimo

    José Pedro Monteiro

  • Womens’a agency and feminist movements in past and present: regional and transregional perspectives
  • Working-Class and Trade Unions' Internationalism: Past and Present

    Dorothea Hoehtker

    Stefano Bellucci

  • World Wars and New World Orders