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  • Peter Lang has over 40 years of experience in academic publishing, specializing in the humanities and social sciences worldwide and publishing more than 1,800 titles every year.

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Peter Lang has over 40 years of experience in academic publishing, specializing in the humanities and social sciences worldwide and publishing more than 1,800 titles every year. The headquarters in Bern, Switzerland are the central hub for executive management, sales, marketing and distribution services, working closely with the editorial companies based in Berlin, Bern, Brussels, Oxford, and New York, and supported by commissioning editors working out of local offices in Vienna, Dublin, Warsaw and Istanbul.

An agile and modern publishing group operating in several language regions, the Peter Lang Group enjoys a unique niche position in the industry and is dedicated to offering top quality publishing services to Higher Education institutions and academics, with complete commitment to the worldwide dissemination of academic research using modern technology tools.


For individual requests: Dr. Hermann Ühlein from Peter Lang will join the Publisher-Panel „Meet and Talk“ on Wednesday 11.30 am -12.30 pm CEST.

Twice a minority

Kosovo Circassians in the Russian Federation

Marieta Schneider

This book tells thestory of 64 Circassian families who during the Kosovo conflictin 1989/99 migrated from the Field of Blackbirds to the Republic ofAdygheya in the Russian North Caucasus, their historical “homeland”. It focuseson the identification process among the Kosovo Circassians before andafter this migration. In her approach, Marieta Schneider challengesthe nationalist assumptions of a non-conflicting relationship betweenidentity, ethnicity and culture and demonstrates the impact of theminority status on the identity formation of thisethnic community.

I have no Country, I have a Homeland

Istanbulite Romiois:Place- Memory- Migration

Nurdan Türker

The book explores the concepts of migration, space, memory and identification drawn from the experiences of Istanbulite Romiois/Greeks and through the notion of being minority. The primary problematic examined in this book revolves around the meaning of these concepts, the functions they serve, and how they are related to the identity of minorities who have experienced ruptures like mass migrations.

“No One Will Do This For Us”.

The Linguistic and Cultural Practices of Young Activists Representing European Linguistic Minorities

Nicole Dołowy-Rybińska

East-West Dialogues

The Transferability of Concepts in the Humanities

Reihe: MUSE: Munich Studies in English

Edited By Christoph Bode, Michael O’Sullivan, Lukas Schepp and Eli Park Sorensen

Ukrainian, Russophone, (Other) Russian

Hybrid Identities and Narratives in Post-Soviet Culture and Politics

Reihe: Postcolonial Perspectives on Eastern Europe

Marco Puleri

Ethnic diversity and local governance quality

The case of Opole Province in Poland

Reihe: Studies in Politics, Security and Society

Wojciech Opioła and Bartosz Czepil

The Heimatklänge and the Danube Swabians in Milwaukee

A Model of Holistic Integration for a Displaced German Community

Reihe: Studies in the New Humanities / Studien zu Neuen Geisteswissenschaften

Julia Anderlé de Sylor

From Colonial to Post-Colonial Rule

The Transformation of Rule in an Important Strategic Area in South Vietnam

Bac Nguyen Van

Narrating Otherness in Poland and Sweden

European Heritage as a Discourse of Inclusion and Exclusion

Reihe: Studies in European Integration, State and Society

Edited By Krzysztof Kowalski, Łucja Piekarska-Duraj and Barbara Törnquist-Plewa

Catholic Religious Minorities in the Times of Transformation

Comparative Studies of Religious Culture in Poland and Ukraine

Reihe: European Studies in Theology, Philosophy and History of Religions

Edited By Magdalena Zowczak

Dimensions of Cultural Security for National and Linguistic Minorities

Reihe: Diversitas

Edited By Jean-Rémi Carbonneau, Fabian Jacobs and Ines Keller

Les défis de la diversité culturelle dans le monde du travail au XXIe siècle

Politiques, pratiques et représentations en Europe et dans les Amériques

Reihe: Travail et Société / Work and Society

Edited By Ariane Le Moing, Saïd Ouaked and Christèle Le Bihan

Margins and marginalities in France and Ireland

A Socio-cultural Perspective

Reihe: Studies in Franco-Irish Relations

Edited By Catherine Maignant, Sylvian Tondeur and Déborah Vandewoude