Publishers‘ Exhibition

Publishers‘ Exhibition

The Publishers‘ Exhibition at the Sixth European Congress on World and Global History

A great number of well-informed readers and promising authors came together at the 2017 ENIUGH congress in Budapest with its 650 participants. Renowned publishers from Europe and beyond exhibited their books at a collective and several single stands on themes representing approaches from cultural, economic, global, social, political, and world history as well as presented their activities in the delegates’ packs. In this way, our guests could get an insight into newest publishing trends in the social sciences, especially with regard to publications in the field of global history, and publishers were able to get into contact with new authors.

We consider the publishers’ exhibition to be a major element of the whole ENIUGH event. However, the relationship between historians and publishers goes far beyond the presentation of research results in form of books, journals and (increasingly) electronic materials. Publishing houses contribute to the transformation of history writing in their own ways: by setting up new formats, by advising authors on topics, style, and new demands from the audience.

Programming a publication strategy becomes more and more interactive – a topic that is in itself an interesting one for scholarly reflection.

Therefore, we also plan to include panels at the next congress where both representatives of the publishing business and historians with an interest in new forms of presenting results of their research meet and discuss. One such issue is undoubtedly the challenge of digitalization and another one is perhaps the search for new formats after a period of first discovery of the global comes to an end.

Publishers participating in European Congresses on World and Global History

Adam Matthew Digital

Brill Publishers

Campus Verlag

Central University Press

Combined Academic Publishers

De Gruyter Oldenbourg

Duncker & Humblot

Edition Ruprecht

Hamburger Edition Verlag des Hamburger Instituts für Sozialforschung

Helsinki University Press

Leipziger Universitätsverlag

Leuven University Press

Mohr Siebeck

Nomos Verlag

Palgrave MacMillan

Schwabe Verlag

transcript Verlag

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Verlag Westfälisches Dampfboot

Waxmann Verlag

To representatives of publishing houses:

If you are interested in joining the publishers’ exhibition or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: